Tuesday January 29 2019: King of Scars and 99 Percent Mine Books are released every Tuesday. They have a day dedicated to them so readers like me, know when to go to the bookstore. This new series is going to feature book releases that I’m excited about for the week. It might be a weekly thing, or it will depend on what books are coming out that day and if I am interested in them.  Starting out, one of my most anticipated books of the year is released today….Continue Reading “Book Release Tuesday: January 29 2019”

Process Post #3 This past week in class, we discussed the whole Gillette predicament. Upon hearing about this mess, I knew I needed to make a post about it.  Basically, if you haven’t heard about anything thats been happening, Gillette, the shaver company, came out with a new commercial to advertise their product. In this video, it featured men from all different backgrounds bullying each other, harassing women, and choosing aggression over everything else. By the end of the video, it showed men realizing that…Continue Reading “The Tea with Gillette”

This week, I was assigned to look at Amanjot’s website and review it. I was really excited for peer review week because I love looking at everyone’s websites and I hope I can provide some useful feedback as well!  First things first, I really like this website. The page is sleek and simple, and every post is very easy to find. The main page has a nice aesthetic picture and the title of the page, Klairam’s Footprints, pretty cute right? The theme that she used…Continue Reading “Peer Review #1”

BOOK: You by Caroline Kepnes  I had an interesting experience with this novel. In 2017, I picked this book up and found it really disturbing and creepy, and after about 70 pages, I put it down. I was a lot younger ( a whopping two years) so it seemed like the most disgusting thing ever, but reading it again this time and after watching the tv show, I had very different feelings.  First off, the thing I disliked the most the first time I read…Continue Reading “You: Book vs. Tv Show”

Hello my fellow readers, Doctor Strange here. Unfortunately, Julianna is not able to write up a post today so she called me to fill in. I am one of her few acquaintances, luckily, that actively reads, when I’m not fighting and saving the world. I decided to review a book that Julianna recommended, since this is her page. That book is There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins, a young-adult “horror” novel. Now I usually do not dapple in the young-adult genre, but Julianna…Continue Reading “There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins”

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante is, accurately enough, a brilliant text. It is the first book in a quartet, 4 novels, and each novel follows a different time in our main character, Elena’s, life. It is a story of friendship, love and growing up. It takes place in the 1950’s, in a poor little city in Italy, Naples where both Elena and her best friend, Lila live. This text is translated from Italian, and the characters actually speak a lot of the Neapolitan dialect…Continue Reading “My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante”

Creating a vision board was interesting. Not only did I want to make it look cute, but I wanted to really showcase who I am. A book-loving, music-making, glasses-wearing gal. I had to decide how I was going to make it. I didn’t want to write it or draw it out physically because I am not talented in the drawing department. I ended up using some emoticons that I found on the Pages app to make a cute, heart-shaped vision board.  A lot of emoticons…Continue Reading “Making my Vision Board”

Process Post #2 Making this blog was not easy. I mean, not the most difficult thing ever in the world, but to me, someone who is technologically incapable, it took me a hot minute to figure out. But she is ready, she is cute and I’m really happy with her. Reclaim Hosting is a great, easy way to make your own blog and, looking back, the process was not as cumbersome as I thought.  After the blog was made, I was really stressed. I had…Continue Reading “Making my Website”

“For the longest time, I thought the power of positive thinking would get me by. And it helps, that’s for dang sure. But it takes more than thinking and hoping and wishing and praying. You need a whole lot of doing.” – Julie Murphy This book was everything I was looking for in my first book of 2019. It had some serious moments, some LOL moments, and most importantly, Dolly Parton. Just like the companion novel, Dumplin’. This book takes place in a small town…Continue Reading “Puddin’ by Julie Murphy”