PEER REVIEW #2 For this round of peer review, I got Lily, a Hong Kong girl on an adventure, according to her tagline. Immediately when I opened up her website, I knew I would come back. It is laid out very well, the cover photo is so interesting and the overall flow is great. She put a lot of effort into this page and it really shows! Digging into the layout and structure, I really have zero problems with it. Her menu is right at…Continue Reading “Lily In Stripes, Blog Review”

Process Post #6 Making this site has been really fun. It has forced me to learn about web design, typography, analytics, and will force me to continue to learn even more. It has given me a great platform to post about reading and writing, two of my passions that will soon be my career. As far as my audience goes, I think I have a very specific audience and it matches exactly for who I have been imagining.  The audience that I have imagined is…Continue Reading “My Target Audience”

Angie Thomas and Freckled Lemonades= A perfect girls night out.  Amanda, Kayla and I went to a book signing in Vancouver for Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give. She is promoting her new novel, On the Come Up and is hitting a lot of cities and towns right now. This event was so much fun, but I had an even more amazing time because I was with two of my best friends! To start out our evening, we went to Red Robin for…Continue Reading “Angie Thomas Book Signing”

Social media has taken over the globe. It connects people from around the world on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the list goes on. How much of these platforms and interactions are democratic? In tackling this question we must first understand what democracy really is. The definition on Google is “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members”, so basically the users have control of social media. Is this really accurate? Do people like Kim Kardashian actually have…Continue Reading “How Democratic is Social Media?”

Process Post #5: A website that I frequently visit is one that I found on Instagram one day, The Spines by Megan Prokott. Her website is similar to mine, it’s full of book reviews, interviews, and lots of other bookish related things! I really love her website and frequently check-up on it, usually through her swipe-up link on Instagram. The design on her page is really nice and aesthetically pleasing, with things laid out in an easy-to-view manner.  Looking at her home page, there is…Continue Reading “The Spines: Website Review”

Magic, romance, alternate Londons, and a really cool jacket. That is how I would describe this incredible trilogy. It has everything a novel needs. Political intrigue, a really intricate and cool magic system, two amazing main characters, and three whole books for a reader to fall in love. It’s amazing. If you are not sold yet, here is a more in-depth description.  The first novel, A Darker Shade of Magic, starts this journey by introducing Kell, one of the main characters of the trilogy. Now…Continue Reading “Shades of Light trilogy by V.E Schwab”

Process Post #4: What would you do if there was only one hour left of internet? Only one more hour of Wifi, of quick easy Google searches, basically any sense of ease. Take a minute to think about it. The world has evolved to something so new and technology based that most people would have a lot of problems adapting to this new life.  What would I do? Knowing my luck, this last hour would probably fall when I’m at work so I can’t really…Continue Reading “The Last Hour of Internet”