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Nowadays, it is so easy to know who is viewing your site, when they’re viewing your site, on what device they’re viewing your site, and literally anything else you would ever need to know. I wonder how journalists used to know who was reading their articles? I mean obviously people would buy the magazines or newspapers, but they would never really know if it was read or not. That’s one of the coolest, and scariest, things that new technology has created. The ability to know anything. 

Of course, something like Google Analytics has limits. It doesn’t tell me a viewers name or social security number, thankfully. But really, any information that you could use in order to know your consumer, is readily available for free. That’s the hooker. Analytics is free. I think it’s amazing that I can get this information for zero dollars, and I’m sure many others also feel that way. 

Google Analytics is great in many ways, but something I love specifically, is seeing when people look at my site. I hear a lot of popular social media influencers such as James Charles (hi sisters!) announce that he is posting a video at noon, and his millions of followers will schedule their lives around that. I, unfortunately, do not have millions of viewers, so it’s harder for me to get views on new posts if I don’t know when people are looking at my site. Of course, I usually end up posting super late at night and don’t get many visitors at that time, but it is super helpful when I have something ready to post. 

A quick glance at some of my recent analytics.

We’ve established that the producer loves analytics, but does the consumer? I personally don’t really think of the footprint that I’m leaving while visiting sites online. I think I’ve grown up partially with knowing the Internet and how it all works, that I’ve come to not really care. Sure, maybe my footprint is easy to find online but I’m not going to stop using social media so I’d rather not worry constantly about what’s happening behind the screens. However, some people may not think that way. 

I work at London Drugs in the photo electronics department so lucky me gets to deal with a lot of old people struggling with technology. One instance really sticks out to me because this lady was going to upload photos to get them printed but after realizing she had to allow Google access to her photos on her phone, declined. She didn’t want to give away any of her personal information that might come with allowing photo access. I wonder what she would think, knowing that someone with Google Analytics and a website can unknowingly see her viewing their page. She probably has no idea that Google can do that, and that is probably what scares some people the most. 

The world of the Internet is a crazy info-sphere. It works out for some people but others, get raked in the mud. I think it’s a generation thing but, maybe it’s just the old people that I’m talking to. 

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