Peer Review 3: Celine Kurniawan

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I am super excited to be writing my final peer review on such an amazing site! Celine has made an incredible catering business profile and her website is perfectly composed! She has done an excellent job and today I will be focusing on her business plan and monetization strategies.

At a first glance, you can easily tell just what this website is: an Indonesian catering service! (which is so cool!) Her slogan “the belly is where the heart is”, is so cute and true! I would definitely say she has a very professional layout and plenty of information that is easy for customers to find. Her site is very different from mine based on that one aspect, customers! Celine has made it super easy for customers to use, and her exciting and well written posts only add to that ease and enjoyment.

Her monetization is coming from her customers ordering her food and catering skills. Her menu literally looks amazing and I would love any of that food right now Celine! I will say that you have so many opportunities for more monetization options! You could definitely look into partnerships with other food companies, such as HelloFresh. While you are making orders and getting food to people, you could recommend other businesses and possibly make an income out of that too! You have such a unique site that I think a lot of companies would be interested in working with and promoting.

Something that I think would make your site a bit better is making sure that all of your posts have pictures accompanying them. I noticed specifically on your Blog section a lot of the posts were missing header images and it would just make everything look a lot cleaner!

I would love to see a section more about you and your cooking! As a viewer, I know you cater and make incredibly delicious Indonesian food but I think adding more personal stories or pictures of you making the food, would make your site really awesome! I love the About section but I think you should take that one step further and add a section where viewers can get to know you! It would make the experience so much better and maybe keep them coming back if they know more information behind you and the business! I personally love getting to know the owners of companies that I am supporting and I think a lot of people would enjoy that as well!

I would also like to see something in the Photos & Reviews section. I know that this space is reserved for customer reviews but you could try and fit in and post pictures of the food you are making and maybe have polls of what customers would like to see added to the menu!

I know that Celine had to temporarily close down her business because of COVID-19 which is definitely a challenge for her. However, I think during this time she can focus on making her website even more amazing and possibly find some time to connect with other businesses for some sponsorships!

I couldn’t find the feedback from Celine’s second peer review so I’m not too sure what comments she received but based on what I am seeing, she has done an exceptional job at building her brand and creating an incredible business! After viewing her website for this review, I definitely would love to order from her menu once COVID-19 has been dealt with and I will keep her in mind for future catering opportunities! Great job, Celine!

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