For the last peer review of the course I was given the lovely Makshada. This peer review is focused on the marketing aspect of her website, but I first wanted to just touch upon my thoughts about her site, because spoiler alert, I really like it! 

Her website is really nice to look at. She has it laid out in a really easy-to- view way, and has some absolutely gorgeous photos for each post. The theme that she uses, Pet Business, is great and was actually what I wanted when I started out my blog. It gives you a little glimpse as to what each post is about, and of course, a great picture along with it. 

Diving into the marketing aspect of this peer review, Makshada’s site is clearly a personal blog where she posts fun stuff that she likes or has done recently. To know the market we need to establish who her audience is. Her audience is probably people around our age in the 19-24 range who like to read about peoples lives. She may have the odd middle aged or older person on the site, but I’m assuming the majority of her audience is younger. Her post Valentine Getaway- Toronto was something that sort of showed me what her intended audience was. It’s a really great post about her trip to Toronto, that I personally think a lot of young adults would enjoy!

I think she markets her site very well. I’m not sure how she markets it outside of just the website itself, like on Instagram or Snapchat, but as far as the posts and aesthetics of her site, I would say that she is doing a great job. Like I said earlier, her site is very nice to look at. She has a nice colour scheme of greens, oranges, and blues that really pop out to readers and makes them click on a post. The photos that she uses are also very on brand right now for us young people. They’re simplistic and calm, which I see a lot on younger people’s websites or Instagram pages. 

Reading Trying Not to Drop Breadcrumbs in Amazon’s Store” by Suzanne Norman, sparked something in me. It made me begin to think about my classmates websites as physical stores. None of our sites are selling products, but what if theses physical locations were just experiences? I think Makshada’s location would bring in a lot of 20 year olds in college or university, looking for some iced coffee and a break from the stress, or just a place to work on some assignments. Suzanne mentioned something that a store clerk in the Amazon store she visited had said “we want to replicate the online experience as much as possible”. I don’t really see how that works for a physical bookstore location, but for our website store locations, I think that is the best way we could sell it. Makshada specifically would maybe decorate it with some of the simplistic and aesthetic photos that she puts on her websites, so it would draw a similar audience that her online presence does. 

That simplistic look I was talking about!

Another article that we read this week, Literary Humour Site Shuts Down Over Ad Revenues Woes” by Shelby Carpenter, discusses the rise and falls of ad revenues, and for a specific site, The Toast, their failures within that. Relating this to the physical storefront idea, I wonder how advertising would affect both the physical location and the website. They would have to be advertised differently to find the specific audiences that each would draw. It would definitely be hard to start an entire business from just a personal blog website, but I think with the right advertising, something might spark from that. 

I know this peer review got a little weird and creative, but that is just how my brain works! The readings for this week ignited a flame of creativity that I wanted to brainstorm and think more about. But going back to Makshada’s blog, I think she has done an incredible job over the semester and I definitely think that she markets her website well! Be sure to check out her really cool and fun page! 

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