Process Post: Week 10

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For this week, I want to discuss how the coronavirus has impacted my life, and my schoolwork. This is a very strange time and I think it’s important to discuss what’s going on, and hopefully make people feel less alone.

When this all started in January, I never thought this would be the outcome, and I don’t think anyone else believed it would be either. It really hit me when Disneyland closed, as dumb as that is to say, because the happiest place on earth was now shut down, and that state of happiness would be lost for the time being (not that I would be able to go to Disneyland but I was planning a trip for the end of April that is now off the table).

Disneyland’s entrance, closed and empty.

When classes were moved online, a lot of my friends were excited but I was actually really upset. I love going out and seeing my friends, and I actually had great classes this semester that I always looked forward to attending. It was a big adjustment to make. For that first week I don’t think I did any school work. I posted on my blog a lot, mainly book reviews, but no academic posts which is why I am posting a bunch of them today. I couldn’t keep up with everything because it honestly felt like we were on reading break! It was a very strange mental space to be in and I hope I can continue to stay away from it.

These past few weeks I have been pretty productive mostly because I had papers and assignments due that I could no longer procrastinate completing. It was weird because it wasn’t that I didn’t want to do those assignments, I just had absolutely no motivation to do anything. I had to force myself to take out my computer and write one of my papers that was due, otherwise I would have watched tv or read a book.

However, I think the hardest part of the whole thing is finding a place to do my work that is away from my family. I have a super small bedroom and basically no space for a desk/work area so I basically do all of my assignments on my bed which is never productive and always turns from schoolwork to Netflix. When I work at the kitchen table I am constantly interrupted by my family doing things, like right now I had to move to my bedroom because my sister just had to make blueberry muffins at this very moment. It really frustrates me not having a dedicated space for doing homework because I literally have no motivation to do it if I am laying in my bed. That is what is hardest for me, and I obviously understand why we had to move online, but it still upsets me and has changed how I view school for the time being. School is not a reprieve from my family anymore, it is a fight with my family (that I always lose) about where I can work.

Let me know where you have been working and if you have any tips on how to stay motivated, I could definitely use some! All I can say is remember that this semester is almost over and that being productive during a pandemic isn’t always achievable. Be gentle with yourself and understand that everything has changed, so it’s okay if you make mistakes.

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