Process Post: Week 11

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Our final week of classes! This is always a bittersweet moment, I really loved this class and had a great time attending the online lectures. I definitely will keep up my blog after this, and take another publishing class soon! I did declare my publishing minor this January and I am super happy to be able to be apart of this amazing, welcoming community. I will also be pursuing the Masters of Publishing program whenever I graduate and I can’t wait for that!

For this final process post, I want to compare physical classes and online classes specific to this class. I found it a huge change to move online, but there are some interesting benefits to online schooling.

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I think the only good part about online classes is that you can literally be in your pyjamas or cozied up in bed while you attend lecture, or watch a recorded class. It’s nice to not commute, I will say. However, if commuting is what I have to do to be able to leave my house, I will ride the skytrain all day. I also think the online style we did for this class was a way to talk more closely with Suzanne and people who are more shy can actually speak up, or comment, when they want to.

Those were the only positive things that I could think of because I really am not a fan of online schooling. The negative side of things is a bit depressing so I won’t discuss it too much, but it’s hard to find motivation, you have to teach everything to yourself, finding a quiet space is super hard, and I have to mention again, finding motivation is so difficult. These are excruciating and difficult times, and a lot of professors are being amazing about it, like Suzanne, while others are assigning more work and making things more difficult than they were before this happened.

I have never taken an online class before, and all of my summer classes are online now so that will be very interesting. I hope it will be better because the professors have more time to plan it out, but I am not getting my hopes up too high. Let me know if you have taken an online class before and your thoughts, and if you are in the same boat as me, how are you feeling about this transition to online?

Overall, this class was awesome! I loved revisiting my website and I definitely will keep it up this time around, I certainly have the time too! I also started up my Instagram account, @juliannareads_, again so if you are interested give me a follow! I am excited to see where this website goes and it’s a perfect distraction. I would also like to thank Suzanne and William for being so accommodating and really helpful during these weird times, they were so kind and it was great to talk with them every week and keep up a sense of normalcy.

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Bye PUB201!

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