Process Post: Week 5

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Since we are all social distancing and self isolating, it is the perfect time for me to catch up on some process posts! I have been in a weird funk where I only want to post my book review content but I really need to hunker down and catch up! I am writing this process post about the awesome Emerging Leaders Publishing Summit that I attended in February.

This summit is an annual week long event where publishing professionals from companies like Booknet, Simon and Schuster, and Globe and Mail, come and discuss a certain topic and present us with mass amounts of information on the field. This years topic was Data, and it was actually so cool to learn about the data that these companies use. I was particularly interested in Booknet because they are a service that offers publishing companies all the data they could ever need on certain genres, age groups, and most importantly, what’s selling.

I learned a lot about bookstores and how they use data, as well. I love bookshops and during this time I miss them so much, it’s been really weird not buying like 2 or 3 books a week… (I will have a post coming on how you can support local independent bookstores during the pandemic, so stay tuned!) Anyways, we had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Kids Books and Irondog Books, two bookstores that I absolutely love! They had some great insights on the bookstore world, and how data can help them. Independent bookstores, in my opinion, have to rely on data even more than big chain bookstores like Chapters. They really need to see what people are buying and what is popular currently. They had a website that was exclusive for Independent bookstores where you could see what other Indie shops were selling and what they had in stock. Then you could send customers to other Indie’s and continue to support the Independent bookstores! I cannot for the life of me find or remember what the website was but it was really cool and interesting to learn about.

Mostly I loved this publishing summit because I was immersed in the publishing world for an entire week. I got to discuss books, writing, and authors for 5 days and learned so many cool things! I also got to spend the week with one of my closest friends, Jill! We had such a great week together and I wouldn’t replace that experience with anything.

I also learned a ton about marketing. That is the field of publishing that I am most interested in, and pursuing, so it was incredible to learn first-hand information from people currently thriving in the book marketing industry. From the Week 6 readings, there is an article called The 5 C’s of Effective Content Marketing that really resonated with what I learned. Specifically the section called “Convert”. Plomion states “don’t forget why you’re creating all this content in the first place: to push prospects through the sales funnel.” That statement was something that we discussed throughout the whole week, how to analyze data and make it something that we can publish and make successful.

Before the whole week started I never really thought about how data helped the Publishing community, but now I understand how essential it is towards the entire business. I am so grateful to have attended the Emerging Leaders summit and I hope to attend next year and many years after!

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