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Process Post 10/11

Currently, my online social media presence is a mixture of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Goodreads and this blog. My favourite platform is definitely Instagram, but I scarcely use that for promoting my site. Here’s how I plan on making this book reviewing thing a more transmedia moment. 

So first off, I would definitely up my Instagram and Snapchat games. I think a great way to spread and promote one’s self is on Instagram. Using popular hashtags that relate to your website or blog will pop up on someone’s feed and maybe bring them to your site. It’s also relatively easy. I can literally post an Instagram story on my page in less than a minute, which currently brings about 10 people to my site. It’s not a very large number but it’s better than having none! 

After posting more advertisements about my blog on Instagram and Snapchat stories, I would consider making a Youtube channel. I have actually wanted to make one for a while, but I’m very technologically disadvantaged so whenever I try to edit a video, I literally can’t. But, once I figure out the whole editing thing, it would be fun to make typical Booktube videos! Book hauls, book reviews, monthly wrap-ups and TBR’s, I’ve wanted to do this since 2012 when I first discovered booktubers, but it never felt right. However, it would be quite hard to build an audience on Youtube and who knows if anyone would go from my Youtube to my blog. 

The last media outlet I would try is doing a podcast. I personally don’t really listen to podcasts on a regular basis, but there are some great bookish ones out there. This wouldn’t be difficult for me to make really, I mean anyone can record themselves speaking and upload that, but building a large audience would be much harder than on Youtube. Something I would have to do is get in partnership with larger book bloggers, and maybe get a shoutout with them. That would be really difficult because they probably get people asking about shoutouts everyday. But, hey, I have to start somewhere. 

I would definitely focus on developing those three medias, because they seem to be the most popular. Most people have an Instagram account, and everyone has access to Youtube or Podcasts. However, I don’t think it would be much help for making my website more popular. I would be doing three times the work, for seemingly the same amount of popularity. Obviously if I do manage to get a shoutout or partnership with a big book blogger things would change, but that would take a lot of work on my part. 

Basically, to be a transmedia creator you have to have a lot of time on your hands. If I was trying to pursue this as a career, I would definitely look into making a youtube channel or podcast while building up my Instagram and Snapchat followings. But, for now, I’m happy just making book review posts on just this page! 

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