I had the pleasure of peer reviewing Tyler’s blog, which I’m very excited about! Her site is the definition of aesthetic and she has truly created a great, professional website for herself. It is clear that she has been working on her website for a while, she has many pictures up and actually links her Youtube channel, which is so awesome! She already has a name for herself and is doing a great job at expanding her following!  As far as understanding what Tyler’s “professional…Continue Reading “Peer Review 1: Tyler Krueger”

For the last peer review of the course I was given the lovely Makshada. This peer review is focused on the marketing aspect of her website, but I first wanted to just touch upon my thoughts about her site, because spoiler alert, I really like it!  Her website is really nice to look at. She has it laid out in a really easy-to- view way, and has some absolutely gorgeous photos for each post. The theme that she uses, Pet Business, is great and was…Continue Reading “Peer Review 3”

PEER REVIEW #2 For this round of peer review, I got Lily, a Hong Kong girl on an adventure, according to her tagline. Immediately when I opened up her website, I knew I would come back. It is laid out very well, the cover photo is so interesting and the overall flow is great. She put a lot of effort into this page and it really shows! Digging into the layout and structure, I really have zero problems with it. Her menu is right at…Continue Reading “Lily In Stripes, Blog Review”

This week, I was assigned to look at Amanjot’s website and review it. I was really excited for peer review week because I love looking at everyone’s websites and I hope I can provide some useful feedback as well!  First things first, I really like this website. The page is sleek and simple, and every post is very easy to find. The main page has a nice aesthetic picture and the title of the page, Klairam’s Footprints, pretty cute right? The theme that she used…Continue Reading “Peer Review #1”