Process Post 12 In class this week we discussed the idea of community guidelines. Basically filtering your website however you see fit. Maybe it’s your own limitations to what you write in posts, or the comments section. Keeping it as clean as you like. Let’s discuss my community guidelines. In my own life, outside of this website and University, I honestly never swear. I don’t care if people around me swear, but I personally would rather not get into the habit of having to use…Continue Reading “Community Guidelines”

Process Post 10/11 Currently, my online social media presence is a mixture of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Goodreads and this blog. My favourite platform is definitely Instagram, but I scarcely use that for promoting my site. Here’s how I plan on making this book reviewing thing a more transmedia moment.  So first off, I would definitely up my Instagram and Snapchat games. I think a great way to spread and promote one’s self is on Instagram. Using popular hashtags that relate to your website or blog…Continue Reading “Transmedia Channels”

Process Post 9 Nowadays, it is so easy to know who is viewing your site, when they’re viewing your site, on what device they’re viewing your site, and literally anything else you would ever need to know. I wonder how journalists used to know who was reading their articles? I mean obviously people would buy the magazines or newspapers, but they would never really know if it was read or not. That’s one of the coolest, and scariest, things that new technology has created. The…Continue Reading “Google Accessibility”

Process Post #8 How do I use other peoples work in my posts? I have never really thought about it until now, but it is an interesting topic to think about.  Basically, my entire blog revolves around someone else’s work. I mean, I am a book review page. I am literally reviewing someones work for people to read and decide if they want to invest in their work. So I guess without other people, my blog wouldn’t exist. Well, this blog wouldn’t exist. I would…Continue Reading “How do I use Online Sharing?”

Process Post #7 This week I was peer reviewed by the lovely Lily. She was incredibly sweet and gave me some great feedback! Peer reviews are super fun because I love looking at the great work everyone has done and getting feedback on my blog is always helpful. The biggest piece of feedback that she gave me was to add something that floats my book reviews so it is easier to find them. This was really great feedback and I did my best to add…Continue Reading “A New Design?”

Process Post #6 Making this site has been really fun. It has forced me to learn about web design, typography, analytics, and will force me to continue to learn even more. It has given me a great platform to post about reading and writing, two of my passions that will soon be my career. As far as my audience goes, I think I have a very specific audience and it matches exactly for who I have been imagining.  The audience that I have imagined is…Continue Reading “My Target Audience”

Process Post #5: A website that I frequently visit is one that I found on Instagram one day, The Spines by Megan Prokott. Her website is similar to mine, it’s full of book reviews, interviews, and lots of other bookish related things! I really love her website and frequently check-up on it, usually through her swipe-up link on Instagram. The design on her page is really nice and aesthetically pleasing, with things laid out in an easy-to-view manner.  Looking at her home page, there is…Continue Reading “The Spines: Website Review”

Process Post #4: What would you do if there was only one hour left of internet? Only one more hour of Wifi, of quick easy Google searches, basically any sense of ease. Take a minute to think about it. The world has evolved to something so new and technology based that most people would have a lot of problems adapting to this new life.  What would I do? Knowing my luck, this last hour would probably fall when I’m at work so I can’t really…Continue Reading “The Last Hour of Internet”

Process Post #3 This past week in class, we discussed the whole Gillette predicament. Upon hearing about this mess, I knew I needed to make a post about it.  Basically, if you haven’t heard about anything thats been happening, Gillette, the shaver company, came out with a new commercial to advertise their product. In this video, it featured men from all different backgrounds bullying each other, harassing women, and choosing aggression over everything else. By the end of the video, it showed men realizing that…Continue Reading “The Tea with Gillette”

Process Post #2 Making this blog was not easy. I mean, not the most difficult thing ever in the world, but to me, someone who is technologically incapable, it took me a hot minute to figure out. But she is ready, she is cute and I’m really happy with her. Reclaim Hosting is a great, easy way to make your own blog and, looking back, the process was not as cumbersome as I thought.  After the blog was made, I was really stressed. I had…Continue Reading “Making my Website”