Process Post: Week 8

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This was our first week officially moving to online classes. And it feels like forever ago! I cannot believe I have been home for more than 2 weeks straight, it actually shocks me! What have I even been doing? Definitely not as much schoolwork as I should be but I am keeping up with it all! Today I would like to discuss content marketing, editorial, and advertising.

Looking at the lecture slides for this week, Suzanne has provided us with definitions for all of these. Content marketing is content that is either sponsored or created in house. Editorial is unbiased news, information, and reportage. And advertising is purchased space to promote a brand. All of these ways of sharing content work, but I would like to discuss the most effective one.

I believe advertising is the best way to spread the word about content. I think editorial is good, but it only pertains to a certain demographic of people who read the news, and actively search up information. Advertising is made available to everyone, whether it’s a commercial on television, or an ad on Instagram, it really makes its way around. I also think advertising is the best way to keep everyone in the know of when something is an ad or not. I know legally content creators have to tell their audience if something is sponsored or not, but sometimes they hide them in tricky places and I personally lose trust in that creator. With advertising, while it can be annoying in certain places, you know exactly what you are looking at and there are no hidden agendas.

This is a great ad that I get all the time! Definitely something I am interested in.

I personally like the Amazon ads that pop up when I am on their site. They always target things that I have previously wanted to purchase, or other things that I would be interested in. Clearly, I buy a lot of books and they always know what books I would be interested in based on my previous purchases. This may not be achievable for other companies, but it definitely makes my shopping experience better when I am on Amazon’s website, and I can always find some great book recommendations!

Another personalized advertisement for me!

Let me know what websites that you think do a good job with their advertising, it is definitely an interesting topic to discuss and I am curious to research more as well!

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